The end of troubles with inflating and deflating – Luftomat is here

From year to year, there are more and more air mattresses, boats, and of late imaginative inflatable animals of fiery colors and impressive looks. All these toys make the hours of relaxation at the beaches more pleasant, but requires effort with transport. Most often we inflate them once, transport them maybe two or three times to the beach and then move them from one room to the other until the end of the summer.

You’re likely familiar with the situation when you go to the beach with children. You take the air mattresses, armbands, and all the inflatable animals. Or if you’ve ever been camping and had trouble inflating the mattress. All these are situations require time and patience, and require a lot of extra equipment.

Luftomat – a new generation self-service device developed and manufactured in Croatia, is here to solve those problems for you. The device has unique and innovative functions, earning it the gold medal at the Inova Innovation International Fair 2018.

The device is designed for fixed installation and works on coins. It is always available and thus solves the problem of transporting your own pumps.

Luftomat allows you to inflate the largest and most demanding inflatable toys and other equipment in very short time. But this is not a function that distinguishes it from other devices. Its more interesting function is deflating. It gives you additional time to enjoy at the beach and solve the problem of storage. Deflating becomes easy and fast, and the problem of storage is gone.

All this equipment comes with different slots and cushions, but Luftomat has no problem with those either. The device contains extensions that can be adjusted to them with no hassle.

Luftomat is fast, efficient and could surely become indispensable on beaches and in tourist complexes.

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